Latest Patented Applications:

Leucothoe 'Little Flames' PP25246

Colocasia 'Noble Gigante' PP25219
Alocasia 'Zulu Mask' PP25220

Philadelphus 'Romanizam' PP25303

Schizachyrium 'Standing Ovation' PP25202
Hydrangea 'Silver Lining' PP25075
Cercidiphyllum 'JWW3' PP25096
Carex 'Carex Everdi' PP25086
Vaccinium 'Vacsid1' PP25067
Abelia 'Opstal40' PP25193
Koeleria 'Cornish Blue' PP25037
Coreopsis 'Mercury Rising' PP24689
Phlox 'Forever Pink' PP24918
Strawberry 'Mayflower' PP24394
Gaillardia 'Moxie' PP24331

Ipomoea 'Kelly Ray' PP24446
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